Protecting the Rights of Maritime Workers and Passengers

The Dangers of Maritime Work and Company Negligence

Maritime careers are arduous and hazardous, particularly for those that spend long stretches of time away from shore. Crew members can be put in perilous circumstances due to extreme weather patterns, extended work hours and malfunctioning appliances. Passengers on private yachts or cruise ships also suffer the risk of misfortunes while aboard these vessels - whether it is an incident caused by slippery surfaces, turbulent waters or faulty contraptions. Nevertheless, if employers take appropriate precautions, these disasters could easily have been avoided! Regrettably, it's not always the case that companies are taking proper precautions. In some cases, they may fail to maintain their ships or lack in providing sufficient training to crew members. Furthermore, many businesses also pressure employees beyond what is physically possible for them which can often lead to significant injury. Consequently, negligent practices like these could cause harm both passengers and crewmembers alike.

How We Can Help

At Gonzalez Law, we are committed to aiding those who have been impacted by maritime incidents. With our profound knowledge of the complexities of maritime law and its implications for both crew members and passengers, we strive to provide support that is tailored towards each individual's unique situation. We understand the additional risks associated with working at sea - this is why it is paramount that they receive fair compensation in a timely manner! Our team stands ready to fight on their behalf so they may obtain justice without delay.Are you a mariner who has been injured while on the job? If so, don't worry. We are well-versed in the Jones Act and other laws that protect your rights as crew members. Our team can guide you through understanding these regulations and fight for just compensation of medical bills or any associated costs arising from your injury.

Our firm provides assistance to passengers injured on cruise ships or yachts. The Cruise Vessel Security and Safety Act (CVSSA) is one of the many laws in place to protect those who suffer harm while sailing. If you've been hurt, we can help you understand your rights and receive compensation for medical expenses, among other costs associated with being harmed onboard a vessel.

Personalized Service and Attention

At Gonzalez Law, we understand that our clients are not just individuals - they're part of the family. That is why we provide personalized service and attention to each one. We realize every case is unique, so we strive to customize our approach in order to meet your individual needs and objectives. During this testing period, it's essential for us to listen carefully, answer all questions promptly and offer any needed assistance or counsel along the way

When you're struggling with the aftermath of an accident or injury, it can be a harrowing experience. At our firm, we are passionate about fighting for your rights and obtaining justice for you as well as recovering the compensation that is rightfully yours. Whether it was a vessel-related incident in which you were injured while working on board or cruising as a passenger – rest assured that we will do everything within our power to make sure justice prevails!

Our Track Record of Success

We take great pride in our success stories and the justice we are able to bring to our clients. Thanks to settlements, verdicts, and arbitration awards that have been issued on their behalf, we have recovered millions of dollars for them. Notably:

$5 million settlement for a crew member who was injured due to the negligence of his employer.

$3 million award for a passenger who was injured in a maritime accident.

$2.5 million settlement for a crew member who was injured due to the inadequate training and supervision of his employer.

$1.5 million settlement for a passenger who was injured on a cruise ship due to the inadequate maintenance and safety measures of the ship's operator.

We are proud to have achieved great success in our numerous cases with clients; owing this achievement to our unwavering commitment, vast expertise in maritime law, and determined mission for justice. We take pride in providing the individuals we serve with fair recompense and a rightful victory!


If you or a family member has encountered an accident in the maritime industry, taking fast action is essential. By swiftly reaching out to a knowledgeable attorney, your possibilities of receiving the compensation and justice that are rightfully yours significantly increase. At Gonzalez Law we are dedicated to offering you with necessary legal counsel so don’t hesitate any longer – get in touch with us now!

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