Maritime Accidents

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Crew members are often abandoned and mistreated by employers, shipowners, and “unions”. We at Gonzalez P.A. have repeatedly found that these purported “unions” are often working with employers and not working for you. Call us if you have questions about your union.

Maritime Accidents

Cargo ships, also known as freighters, are large, steel vessels designed to transport huge amounts of cargo across great distances. These ships are specially designed for carrying cargo and typically come with onboard cranes and other devices to facilitate rapid loading and unloading.

Oil tankers are large maritime vessels that are usually configured in one of two ways: as a crude tanker or as a product tanker. Crude tankers are designed to carry large amounts of unrefined oil from extraction to refinery. Product tankers, which tend to be smaller than crude tankers, are designed to move the finished product from refineries to the markets.

Accidents involving maritime workers can occur at any stage of their handling. They can happen while a vessel is being loaded or unloaded. They can also take place at sea, where even a small error or unlucky event can trigger off a disaster. In many cases, accidents that result in injuries or deaths can be caused by:

-Failure to properly provide adequate medical treatment to crew members;

-Failure to properly secure cargo on decks and inside cargo holds;

-Overworked and tired crew;

-Deficiencies in training and job performance in ship’s crew;